Janet Foreign Service

Your complete solution to discovering Ningbo, China.

Life as an expat does not need to be any more challenging than necessary. You’ve taken the big leap and moved to China, but now it’s time to relax while a professional handles those pesky little details.

Looking for an apartment that meets your expectations... or maybe a good house-keeper (ayi) to keep it clean?

Are you in the market for the perfect office space that will help your business grow... or maybe just the employees to assist you?

Ready to really plant some roots and learn Chinese... or maybe get a Chinese Driver’s license? 

Janet Foreign Service and JANETREALESTATE can provide you with all your individual and business needs. Janet's operation is a small, personal business with minimal overhead so that her clients receive the highest quality services at the best value.

Clients prefer Janet's ability to give individual attention. Janet works directly with each client, so they will not have to explain their situation multiple times to different people. As the owner, Janet strives to ensure that clients always receive the quality of service they deserve.

As your consultant, Janet will not only save you time and money but endless frustration as well.